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From the 9th to the 13th May 2022, a group of 17 pupis aged 13-16 traveled to the French capital Paris with their teachers Ms. Klinkenberg, Ms. Burghardt and Mr. Weick. As part of the European Union's Erasmus project, the students met young people from a Paris school and looked at sustainable projects in Paris together. The following report was written by two 10th graders.

Day 1: 
The day of arrival was probably the most stressful day we had on our project trip. Excited and with our bags packed, we met early in the morning at the train station in Bonn and took the first Intercity-train to Karlsruhe. Unfortunately, the German train was late and we missed our connecting train. Our teachers had to rebook everything. Just stressful, but it was also fun. We sat like anchovies in a can on our suitcases in the middle of the aisles of the train. In order to get over the shock, some students had to treat themselves to a cheeseburger at the train station - it was also very tasty! We were accommodated in the "Hotel Parisiana" in the center of Paris and when we arrived in Paris we first moved into our rooms. A 3-star hotel for a project trip is already decadent! Of course, we started all over again on the first day - once in Paris, you can't miss the Eiffel Tower!
Day 2: Our trip is a project trip financed by Erasmus. On the second day we visited our partner school "College Evariste Galois", a middle school in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris. We received a very friendly welcome from the teachers and the "Euro Class". We then had our first conversations in English in small groups - for most of us it was the first time that we spoke to people who didn't speak our language. We got to know each other, talked to each other and it was very funny and exciting. The ice was broken quickly! In English lessons, we worked on sustainability issues in both Germany and France and we presented our small projects to each other. Afterwards we went to the park in Nanterre and ate something there together. The weather was on our side! In the afternoon, the French teacher had prepared a rally through the school building especially for us! We were given photos in small groups and had to find the spots as quickly as possible and take a selfie there! At that time, many students were still taking classes there – it was very exciting to see!
Day 3: We met our partner students in Nanterre and visited an exhibition on the subject of water. It was exciting and inspiring. "AQUA MATER" was the title of the exhibition and the content was all about water - a central topic that can be found in two SDGs! We should walk through the exhibition in mixed small groups and choose an object that particularly inspires us and present it to the other students. There was still some time left in the evening and we used it to take a look at the Louvre from the outside. A must-see if you haven't been to Paris yet! That was very cool, and a few students got wet too. At 26⁰ very refreshing! =)
Day 4: Today we started in an American "diner" so that we can all get to know each other again in a relaxed environment and talk about what we have already experienced. We sat down and drank our delicious milkshake and took a lot of pictures. Then we all did a rally through Paris together (there were more than 40 of us!) Here we had to be really careful that nobody got lost. Luckily we all wore the same t-shirt! We brought this to our guest students as a gift from Germany! We've printed our Coach logo and a combined image of both school logos on it here. That was very helpful! We could immediately see who belonged to us! We discovered that Paris has a lot of sustainability to offer: second hand clothes, vintage book shops and a park with a giant balloon measuring air quality were just a few things we saw! Of course we recorded everything on video. We want to pass this knowledge on to other students around the world via our Coach website!
Day 5: The day of departure 🙁 The day was very sad and emotional. Luckily we didn't miss a train this time. The baguettes that we got as provisions for the trip were also very tasty. 😉